Heated ovens for any type of application.

RBF offers standard, catalog and custom designed, batch, floor, overhead ovens as well as conveyorized ovens for a large variety of industries and applications. Our ovens can address any application that needs heat. There are also a vast number of options for oven construction style, temperature range, and any level of automation required.

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Gas Fired Batch Ovens

RBF offers gas fired batch ovens capable of temperatures of 700 degrees with either single or double entry doors. The ovens are constructed from angle iron frames in all models and 4 inch insulated panel construction. All ovens have explosion relief doors with FM approved latches.

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Halogen Ovens

These ovens are distinguished by their halogen component. The halogen element reaches full operation temperature of over 4000 degrees in one second. This will allow the infrared energy to penetrate deeper and faster into the finish material to cure from the inside out.

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Lab Ovens

These ovens, designed for a laboratory requiring unmatched accuracy and precision of microprocessor technology, provide microprocessor temperature control and forced convection. Available in electric or gas fired models.

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Conveyorized Ovens

RBF offers a conveyorized ovens to meet your application. Our product offering includes ovens for dry off or curing projects and can be floor or ceiling mounted. The gas fired modulating burner, with automatically ignited pilots are controlled via a UL, FM, and NFPA compliant gas train.

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