Curing & Baking Ovens

Cure or bake your parts or surfaces

Heated ovens for any type of application.

Our ovens can address any application that needs heat. RBF Machine Services offers standard catalog and custom designed, batch, floor, overhead ovens as well as conveyorized ovens for a large variety of industries and applications. There are also a vast number of options for oven construction style, temperature range, and any level of automation required.

Gas Fired Batch Ovens

CONSTRUCTION Angle iron frames in all models4″ insulated panel constructionAluminized steel construction16 ga. aluminized steel ductExplosion relief doors with FM approved latches CONTROLS NEMA 12 control panelDigital temperature controller16-hour batch timerFM gas trainEclipse™ flame safetyMain line disconnectAir proving switches for…

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Halogen Ovens

Prime Heat’s Halogen elements have a life expectancy of over 6,000 hours. They use snap-in mount ceramic connections for fast and easy service. The parabolic reflector that they mount in also snaps over the ceramic connectors and can be removed…

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Lab Ovens

At RBF Machine Services, we offer lab ovens that can cure or bake your parts with the accuracy needed in laboratory-grade equipment. They are available in a wide range of sizes with various circulation and exhaust options to help you…

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Conveyorized Ovens

RBF offers a wide selection of conveyorized drying ovens, curing ovens, batch ovens, outdoor ovens and elevated ovens depending on your application. The gas fired modulating burner, with automatically ignited pilots, are controlled via a UL, FM, and NFPA compliant…

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