Conveyorized Ovens

RBF offers a wide selection of conveyorized drying ovens, curing ovens, batch ovens, outdoor ovens and elevated ovens depending on your application.

The gas fired modulating burner, with automatically ignited pilots, are controlled via a UL, FM, and NFPA compliant gas train. The heating system uses a forward curved, dual inlet centrifugal blower, complete with sheaves, belts and motor.

Panels are constructed from #18 ga. galvannealed material, reinforced internally with insulating characteristics as required for the appropriate temperatures.

The oven shell is 6” thick steel-encased 4# density batt mineral wool insulated panels provided in 4’ widths, as opposed to typical 27” widths. 4’wide panels present 45% fewer seams, thereby increasing efficiency.

Oven panels are:

  • Sheathed inside and out with #18 ga. galvannealed steel
  • Panels are arranged to fit in tongue-and-groove fashion
  • Construction of the oven panel is entirely spot-welded, presenting smooth surface inside and out.

Oven conveyor openings are either through the bottom of the oven requiring no seals, or in the sides in which case high velocity air seals are provided to minimize the heated air in the oven escaping to the surrounding atmosphere.

Lead time for most  spray equipment and powder coating parts is less than 7 days.