Go Green & Improve Your Transfer Efficiency

RBF offers a comprehensive line of solutions to address your requirement to be compliant with EPA regulations and guidelines. This equipment is designed to reduce your coating costs, increase production speeds and can reduce the environmental cost issue for your company. Water Based Spray Equipment Designed especially for compatibility with water based coatings, these products also reduce product shearing, eliminating many of the problems associated with water borne coatings. RBF can provide spray systems ranging from HVLP guns to electrostatic guns. HVLP Guns The patented HVLP 12 point atomization produces outstanding finishes which will reduce your coating costs. Our money saving CAT packs include, 3 fluid tips & nozzles, and 2 aircaps at a cost equal to a one fluid tip set/air cap up. Air Assisted Airless Guns The flexible AA systems approach transfer efficiencies and cost savings to that of electrostatic depending on your application. RBF technicians can set up an on-site demo and spray nearly any coating in use by your company. Electrostatic Guns Automatic and manual electrostatic applicators produce highest transfer efficiencies available for solvent or water borne coatings. The application technologies include air spray, HVLP, air assisted or conventional airless as well as rotary atomizers or high speed bells. Solvent & Waterborne Gun Washers The Clean Air regulations are requiring companies to reduce their VOC emissions and a gun washer can do just that! With entry level models to automatic gun cleaning stations. A gun washer will reduce the time it takes to clean a gun while reduces your solvent waste. Solvent Recyclers / Stills A solvent recycler provides clean solvent every day which dramatically reduces solvent purchase and disposal costs. The solvent recycler can be directly connected to a gun washer which makes up a turnkey solution there by reducing VOC emissions.