Portable Disinfectant Spray Equipment

Portable cart used to spray disinfectant on surfaces.

  • Fast speed application
  • Self Contained Running at 110v
  • High Volume Fluid Delivery
  • 35 Feet of Hoses
  • 70 Foot Radius

Ready to spray out of the box.
Spraying technology allows a comprehensive surface coating with disinfectant – subsequently the microbial presence of bacteria, fungi or viruses can be reduced with the fine atomization and small droplet size

WHERE. Particular attention must be paid to areas in daily use and also areas frequented by people who are or were already ill.

  • Locker Rooms, Bathrooms, (Sanitary facilities)
  • Office Spaces
  • Restaurants and food preparation areas
  • Education facilities
  • Public transport
  • Public amenities, entryways and public spaces

Lead time for most  spray equipment and powder coating parts is less than 7 days.