Automatic Guns

WAGNER HiCoat manual guns are constructed for high coating output, high efficiency and a long service life. They offer the user optimal handling that is achieved through the use of robust materials, a weight-optimized design and a high performance charging and atomization system.

Quality Performance:

  • Various nozzles for a variety of applications
  • Perfect coating results
  • High transfer efficiency

Economical and Ergonomic:

  • Low maintenance
  • Exchangeable wear parts
  • Light weight gun for fatigue free working

Features and Benefits:

New safety technology from Wagner avoids high voltage breakthroughs and blow backs into the powder duct.

  • Increased electrical safety
  • High quality application with metallic and special effects powder
  • Increased application efficiency
  • Optimization of powder charging and powder flow
  • New high voltage generation for optimal charging
  • Uniform film thickness distribution
  • Optimized surface application due to a homogeneous, soft powder cloud
  • High manufacturing throughout
  • Compatible with all Wagner Corona gun controllers
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance due to the linear powder duct and easily cleaned gun geometry
  • Long-term reliability and safety

The new generation of guns from Wagner offer even more efficiency. The integral high voltage cascade with a power rating of up to 100 kV works perfectly and safely. All electronic components are integrated in the robust plastic body of the gun. This means low servicing costs and a much longer service life.

Efficient, Flexible, Safe


  • Homogeneous powder cloud
  • Optimized electrostatics
  • Uniform distribution with a thin film

Distinct increase in the transfer rate:

  • Better charging of the powder
  • Soft powder cloud
  • Factory Mutual Approved

Corona Powder Coating:

  • Integral high voltage cascade
  • Power rating of up to 100kv
  • Extremely high application efficiency
  • Excellent charging of the powder

The Powerlock System

Save time when changing powders, with WAGNER’S new Powerlock System for fast, effective cleaning:

  • Automatic cleaning of the powder duct in the gun.
  • Stable positioning of the nozzle components.
  • Easy accessibility to wear parts.

The Variable Flat Jet Nozzle System

  • Nozzle F1: Soft cloud with wide flat jet for flat parts.
  • Nozzle F2: Dense cloud with narrow flat jet for partial or fast coating.
  • Nozzle F3: Fast cloud with targeted flat jet for reduced edge build up.
  • Wedge Tool: For mounting and emounting the protective wedge in the electrode holder. The main benefit: only the wear part is changed.
  • Retrofit Kits: Conversion made easy. Our accessories fit on all earlier models C2 and C3.

Tribo – proven technology for outstanding results

Corona Gun Accessories:

Nozzle Extensions:

  • Available in three sizes: 5.9”, 11.8” and 19.7”
  • Best suited for coating deep work pieces.

Round Jet Nozzles:

  • For large areas and uniform film thickness distribution.

Flat Jet Nozzles:

  • For various areas of application.

Corona Star:

  • Reduces the orange peel effect.
  • For use with awkward shapes and high film thickness.

Angle Adapter:

  • For use with PEA-C4,PEA-C4XL and PEA-C4Twin.
  • Available in 30˚, 60˚ and 90˚ angles.

Tribo spray guns are ideally suited for coating difficult parts. The extensions are available in three lengths: 43.3”, 55.1” and 70.9”. Quick release couplings make for fast color changes.


WAGNER’S newest manual powder system combines attractive design and superior functionality. Easy to use with the capability to store up to 50 recipes. Available in three versions: Air fluid, 60L Hopper and 3L Hopper.

Lead time for most  spray equipment and powder coating parts is less than 7 days.