Gun Movers & Reciprocators

Movement Technology: Accurate and Economical Coating

  • Precise
  • Robust
  • Reliable

Electric reciprocators:

The automatic electric reciprocators are subjected to constant loading, so the reliability and robustness of the reciprocator mechanism is particularly important. The electronic controller offers the latest movement technology for high quality application requirements and an optimal surface finish.

A very wide variety of work pieces have to be coated. Intelligent movement technology leads to better coating quality and a massive reduction in the powder consumption. The automatic reciprocators are controlled using the following control concepts:

PrimaTech control system:

Central control module CCM Prima and reciprocator module RCM Prima

DigiTech control system:

Central control module CCM-D1 with reciprocator controller LSR-D1

One and two way operation for automatic reciprocators:

The stroke speed can either be held steady, or two di­fferent stroke speeds can be set. For example a specific coating zone can be traversed more slowly or more quickly, and thus more or less powder applied.

Automatic stroke height controller:

This is used in a combined reciprocator and gap/height controller for horizontal gun arrangements. It offers considerable benefits when coating work pieces with different dimensions as part of one coating order. The reversing points for the guns are variable so the part can hang at any height required. In addition to this, the automatic powder reduction will ensure that with shorter stroke movements the powder output will be reduced to suit.

Sine curve:

For uniformly distributed film thickness on flat parts the automatic sine curve is used. This guarantees that the whole surface of the work piece will be covered evenly. For this the gap/height controller module measures the actual speed of the conveyor. The controller for the reciprocator calculates the optimal lifting and lowering speed from the stroke height and the conveyor speed and regulates these to suit.

Long Stroke EBA-6:

Suitable for more complex automatic coating processes with a maximum of up to 12 powder guns. The reciprocator slide is fitted with 16 rollers ensuring smooth stroke movements without any natural vibrations.

  • High load capacity up to 155 lbs.
  • Reciprocator slide with16 guide rollers
  • Adjustable limit switches
  • Lip seal
  • Motor cover

Long Stroke EBA-1:

Due to its motor rating of 0.75 kW, it is best suited for simple serial coating processes.

  • Stroke speed up to 131 ft./min
  • Load capacity up to 33 lbs.
  • Reciprocator slide with 12 guide rollers
  • Adjustable limit switches

Short Stroke KHG 350:

For the vertical arrangement of spray guns. This allows an optimal integration of compact, fast color-change booths into the units.

  • Robust design with a high load capacity
  • Adjustable stroke for a wide range of applications
  • Regulation of the stroke speed from 49 ft/min. to 180 ft/min. using frequency converters
  • Geared motor with crank mechanism

The Short Stroke Controller SSR-D1:

With this control module the short stroke unit can be controlled with a DigiTech system:

  • Switching the unit on and off
  • Adjusting the stroke speed
  • Moving the guns into the cleaning position
  • Delta matching

A special feature is the Delta matching. When using short stroke units the work pieces are coated more thickly at the top and bottom, because the guns have to travel a longer distance at the reversing points and therefore apply more powder. The SSR-D1 can increase the stroke speeds at the reversing points and thus distribute the powder evenly on the work piece.

Control functions with MRS-D1 positioning trolley controller:

Depth controller:

The automatic depth controller is recommended for production runs with work pieces of different depths. The depth of the components is recorded immediately as they enter the booth, using horizontal light strips, and is passed on to the MRS-D1 control module.

Position controller:

The pre-de­fined position of the spray units is entered as a parameter for the work piece. When the parameter is called up, the guns are automatically moved into the desired position.

Parking position:

When changing the color, doing maintenance or cleaning the powder booth, the guns have to be moved out of the booth. The parking position can be pre-defined and stored as a parameter and if required be called up and automatically moved to.

Positioning Trolley ZW:

With changing depths of work pieces, it is necessary to position the spray system correctly for spraying. The positioning trolley is also useful in the cleaning process, for color changes or to facilitate maintenance.

  • Robust design
  • Roller chain drive, worm drive motor
  • Safety limit switches
  • Walk-on cover

The “ZW” can be operated through a manual forward and reverse switch or by an external WAGNER Controller from the PrimaTech or DigiTech control systems.

Sensing, recording, controlling – the gap and height controller:

Automatic pre- and post spraying:

Since the position of the work pieces is known precisely due to the recording of the component, the point of action of the guns can be speci­ed exactly, so it is possible to de­ne a pre- or post spraying distance. The same applies if it is intended to spray over or under the work piece.

Work piece recognition by light sensors and tracking them when passing through the powder booth is a core function of all control variants. In comparison to simple time controls, the synchronization with the conveyor speed, using a pulse encoder flanged to the conveyor drive will avoid a collision between work pieces and guns. Conveyor speed can be changed at any time while control parameters are adjusted automatically.

Height controller:

The height controller is used with vertically aligned guns for coating components of varying heights. Here the stroke remains constant. The sequence and the gap between the parts of different heights can be freely selected. Powder guns that would spray past the work piece are not switched on.

Gap controller:

Ensures that spraying only occurs when there is a work piece in front of the gun. The powder feed is switched off in the gaps.

Wagner 3D-Pro- Coating

Dynamic 3D coating without robots:

The coating of complicated parts such as e.g. the internal coating of cabinets requires the individual movement of independent guns. The Z axis with rotary drive makes this possible without the purchase of an expensive robot.

Benefits for the User:

  • Simple programming
  • Low investment costs
  • High surface coverage
  • Little space required (short spray booth)for simple and complex applications
  • Integration in color change systems
  • Process reliability proven by numerous references

3-D Coating Technical Data


  • X-axis: 7.88 in. /sec
  • Y-axis: 19.7 in. /sec
  • Z-axis: 19.7 in. /sec
  • R-axis of rotation: 180° /sec
  • –> Angle of rotation: 340°

Positioning accuracy:

  • X-axis: +/- 0.2 in
  • Y-axis: +/- 0.08 in
  • Z-axis: +/- 0.02 in.
  • R-axis of rotation: +/- 0,1°

The Directions of Motion Can Be Combined in Modules as Required:

  • R – R-axis of rotation: for the internal coating of corners, edges, rebates etc.
  • X – X-axis: for the coating of surfaces and edges synchronous with the conveyor
  • Y – Y-axis: for height positioning
  • Z – Z-axis: for moving in and out

Lead time for most  spray equipment and powder coating parts is less than 7 days.