Lab Powder Booths & Lab Spray Equipment

Col-Met Lab Powder Booth with Rollaway Caster Base


Panels are fabricated from18-gauge prime quality stainless steel, flanged and precision punched on 6˝ centers for maximum rigidity. Panels are fastened together with 5/16˝ nuts and bolts, and are to be sealed with the provided caulk following assembly.

Base Assembly

The rollaway base assembly cabinet and floor support is fabricated with 3˝ channel steel and formed 10-gauge mild steel (welded construction). The finish will be white powder coating.


Lighting is provided by Class I Division II, 48˝ long, fluorescent, 32-watt, T-8 type, four-tube fixture, mounted behind safety glass; appropriately sealed from the interior of the spray booth. All fixtures are UL listed and approved for their intended use and placement.

PLC-Based Purge Control

This feature assures the safe operation of the coatings enclosure, by maintaining the airflow at design levels. During operation overspray powder accumulates on the cartridge filters. As the cartridge filters load, airflow decreases and negative pressure rises within the air handler. A timer activates a system of air purging valves that clear the cartridge filters of accumulated powder to ensure maximum life.


  • Streamlined modular design
  • Extremely quiet – less than 78 DBA
  • Top final filter discharge environmentally friendly
  • Easy-to-change airtight cartridge filters
  • Compact plenum design offers larger work area
  • Locking caster base
  • Fork truck tubes for transfer


  • PLC controlled
  • On-demand adjustable pulsing
  • Quick clean/purge mode
  • Manual pulse off switch
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • Air proving switch
  • Optional air manifold


WAGNER’S Powder Cup Lab Set Sprint-C is the ideal powder spraying gun for use by powder manufacturers and users who have to apply small quantities of powder. The complete self-contained system is ideal for small production runs, individually manufactured items, coating small samples, laboratory testing and powder demonstrations.

Low investment costs make this unit an economical choice. No additional powder supply unit is necessary with the changeable integrated powder container. Three sizes of the powder container are available for a variety of jobs. Wear parts are easily replaced and low cost. EPG-Sprint controller unit is capable of holding 50 coating programs, including 4 pre-set programs. Coating results are consistent from one part to the next.

Features and Benefits: PEM-CG4 Power Cup Gun

  • The PEM-CG4 cup gun has an integrated high voltage cascade with output voltage up to 100kV, negative.
  • Multi-functional nozzle system provides easy switching between round and fan spray nozzles.
  • Removable 17 oz. fluidized container with fan spray nozzle and deflector cone. (7.4 oz. and 30.4 oz. fluidized container also available.)
  • Feed and dosage air adjustable directly on the gun.
  • Lightweight (approx. 31 oz) balance powder gun, easy to handle and operate.
  • EPG -Sprint electrostatic controller regulates the selected output voltage at the gun tip for optimum coating efficiency.
  • EPG-Sprint has 50 coating programs.
  • A wide variety of nozzles are available for different coating applications.

Complete Set Includes:

  • Case includes a hinged housing cover and carrying handle, making the system lightweight, extremely portable and easy to set-up and demonstrate.
  • Powder cup gun PEM-CG4 100kV corona gun with integral 17 oz. container.
  • EPG-Sprint control unit.
  • Deflector cone (20, 28, 38 mm), fan spray nozzle, fuze and wedge tool.

Lead time for most  spray equipment and powder coating parts is less than 7 days.