Powder Center & High Volume Powder Pump

Powder Savings Simplified

How the WAGNER Powder Center works:

The fluidizing device is immersed directly into the powder container. A homogenous powder/air mixture is created due to fluidization and the vibration of the container. The injectors convey the powder to the spray guns in the coating system.

The lowering of the powder level in the container is measured by the level probe. It also triggers the lowering of the suction system and then supplies the system with fresh powder when necessary. An alarm is triggered automatically in the event of a shortage of powder and the yellow warning lamp illuminates. The warning lamp illuminates red if the container is not refilled with fresh powder.

Features and Benefits

The Wagner Systems Powder Feed Center is a system from which fluidized powder from a powder container is simultaneously conveyed to several spray guns. The powder consumption can be compensated by an optional fresh powder feed unit.

  • Enables your powder system to feed powder directly out of the manufacturer’s box and eliminates the need for extra powder containers for each color, facilitating quick color changes.
  • The powder circulation system is enhanced by using the original container and the automatic addition of fresh powder is level-controlled (optional).
  • Virgin powder supply enables uninterrupted production (optional).
  • Powder center can be added to any booth system.
  • 2500 CFM stand-alone collector with automatic pulsing filters.
  • Electric vibratory base which continuously fluidizes the powder supply.
  • A pneumatic lift station enables the pumps and pickup tubes to be lifted as a unit and positions the gun feed tubes for a complete powder circuit purge.
  • The system is equipped with automatic pump and hose purging. Purge cycle is user-adjustable.
  • The powder center blows out the powder hose, guns and injectors in one user-initiated operation, cleaning the entire gun powder path automatically, saving time.
  • Available in four types:
    1. Type A1: One linear motion unit located on the right with fresh powder feed unit.
    2. Type A2: One linear motion unit located on the right without fresh powder feed unit
    3. Type C1: Two linear motion units.
    4. Type C2: Two linear motion units and two fresh powder feed units.

Complete installation and training by Wagner Service personnel (optional).

Optional Ultrasonic Sieve:

The Ultrasonic Sieve has the capability to take reclaimed powder from conventional transfer pumps, eliminate debris, separate-out conveying air and deposit it right back into the powder feed source. Enables rapid cleanup for fast color changes. The ultrasonic sieve traps dirt more effectively with smaller mesh which results in a higher quality finish.

The Inline Pump IP5000 Fresh Powder Feed

  • Easy to operate
  • High pumping output
  • Cleaning program

High performance and ­flexibility:

The new IP5000 is suitable for all of your bulk powder pumping needs. The IP5000 can be used with any application package, regardless of size. Just feed in straight from the box, the 200 liter barrel or a BigBag. The IP5000 can be easily integrated into the production process and is also excellently suited for emptying secondary ­filter tanks or for the intermediate transportation from one powder storage to the next.

The new inline design principle combined with absolutely smooth and tight part components ensures a smooth powder ‑flow. The combination of vacuum and dense ‑flow feeding is the basis for the constant and in particular high pump output.


  • Constant pump output throughout the entire usage period
  • Capable of transportation of large quantities over distances of up to 50 m
  • The powder quantity can be set in two levels
  • Programmable pump time for level control
  • Simple operation with few keystrokes
  • Automatic cleaning program for intake and feed direction
  • Programmable rinse function
  • Active service interval display with time remaining indicator
  • Extensive range of accessories available

Inline pump IP5000 Specifics:

  • Rapid colour change
  • Remote control mode
  • Less air required
  • High feeding performance


  • Width: 385 mm; 15.6 inch
  • Height: 760 mm; 29.92 inch
  • Depth: 202 mm; 8 inch
  • Weight: approx.  20.5 kg; 45.2 lb


  • Network: 24 VDC ± 20%
  • Input power: 40 W
  • Protection class: IP 54 / IP 55
  • Ex-zone: Ex II 3D T85° C


  • Supply air pressure: 0.6-0.8 MPa; 6-8 bar; 97-116 psi
  • Air consumption: 10-24 m/h3; 353-874 cf
  • Required compressed air quality: acc. to  ISO 8573-1 Class 2/Quality class 5 2 3 3
  • Pump quantity: up to 5 kg/min depending and recipe on operating type

Lead time for most  spray equipment and powder coating parts is less than 7 days.