Enclosed Spray Booths

With enclosed spray booths from RBF Machine Services, you can complete any paint finishing project in an area that features filtered airflow. Our enclosed spray booths from Col-Met, a leader in the paint finishing equipment industry, can be used for any type of project. Whether you’re painting a bedframe or an automobile, you can find the perfect size booth for the job. We offer a range of sizes, from 12′ x 8′ x 12′ to 12′ x 12′ x 12’*.

Filtered Airflow

One benefit enclosed spray booths have over open front spray booths is filtered air. Unlike open front spray booths, enclosed spray booths feature filtered double entry doors at the front of the booth that purify the air before it enters the work area. The air travels through the doors, around the work area, and is then exhausted at the back of the booth to eliminate fumes and overspray. These filters trap debris before it enters the booth to reduce the chance of it being trapped your paint.

Quality Features and Design

Our enclosed spray booths are built sturdily from 18-gauge prime-quality galvanized steel that has a smooth texture, shiny finish, and is resistant to rust. The panels and support members are precision-punched to make the assembly of the self-locking nuts and bolts simple, and each enclosed spray booth comes with personnel access doors that are pre-hung in a galvanized steel frame so you can easily install them and customize their location. These enclosed spray booths also feature 48″-long 32-watt fluorescent lights sealed behind safety glass to fully illuminate the work area.

Whether you’re finishing wood, plastic, metal, or any other type of material, an enclosed Col-Met spray booth can filter your airflow and minimize your debris occurrence. If you’re interested in a spray booth from RBF Machine Services, contact us today.

*Approximate exterior dimensions

Lead time for most  spray equipment and powder coating parts is less than 7 days.