Size A Spray Booth

Spray Booths: Product Guide

At RBF Machine Services, we offer Col-Met spray booths in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so no matter what project you want to accomplish, we can help you find the right booth to do it.

Small Projects – Open front bench booths from Col-Met are your best choice when it comes to completing smaller projects. They’re designed for both conveyorized production and batch type systems and come in a range of designs.

Large Projects – If you’re working on a large project, such as a tractor trailer or a train car, our large equipment spray booths from Col-Met are perfect. They come in an array of sizes, from 17′ x 30′ to 21′ x 60′.

Open Front Booths – If you’re looking for a spray booth that doesn’t require an exhaust system, our open front spray booths from Col-Met offer conveyor pass-through openings as big as 25% of the open area. These spray booths are great for industrial, woodworking, and metal projects.

Enclosed Booths – Because these spray booths are enclosed, they offer the most protection from dust and dirt particles. Col-Met offers enclosed spray booths in a variety of shapes and sizes that are perfect for projects with strict guidelines, such as automotive coatings.

Air Flows – When it comes to airflows, we offer spray booths that feature crossdraft air flow, modified downdraft air flow, and side downdraft air flow. Each type flows differently:

  • In a crossdraft booth, air flows through filtered doors and is exhausted through the back.
  • In a modified downdraft booth, air flows through filters from above and is exhausted through the side.
  • In a side downdraft booth, air flows through filters on the side and is exhausted through the floor.

Air Replacement Units – With Weather-Rite air replacement units, you can eliminate harmful overspray and improve your indoor air quality. We offer a broad range of sizes and options for any spray booth.

Paint Mixing Rooms – Paint mixing rooms from Col-Met allow plenty of air flow and illumination so you can safely and confidently mix your paint for any project.