Spec Sheet: Air Replacement Units

CT Heat & Cure AMUs

  • Easy Installation and Setup 
  • Reduces Total Energy Costs
  • Enhances Finishing Applications Due to Reduced Air Particulates
  • Decreases Cold Air Infiltration 
  • Increases Production With an Accelerated Dry Time 

CT Series Air Makeup Unit replaces 100% of the exhausted air from the booth enclosure or building with fresh, filtered, tempered outside air. The CT Series AMU is equipped with a custom control panel designed specifically for the finishing industry. The CT AMU is the solution for a competitively priced project. They offer many of the same options as the EZ Heat and Cure AMU series, with the advantage of lightweight construction and lower sound levels. Air Makeup

Units Model Options:

  • Dump Into Building – No Exhaust VFD, No Light Circuit
  • Heat Only – Exhaust VFD, Light Circuit, Spray Air Interlock 
  • Heat & Cure – Exhaust VFD, Light Circuit, Cure Cycle, Spray Air Interlock, Door Limit Switches Standard Features
  • ETL Listed to ANSI Z83.25 – CSA3.19
  • G90 Galvanized Finish 
  • Automatic Booth Pressure Control 
  • Motorized Auto Gas Control
  • Low Sound Level Forward Curve Fan 
  • All Digital Microprocessor, PID, Dual Set Point Temp Controller
  • Intake Shutoff Damper with Automatic Actuator
  • Power Profile Dampers for Burner Optimization 
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to Control Booth Exhaust Fan for User-Friendly Booth Pressure Balancing 
  • Control Module with Alarm History and Technical Information
  • Digital Magnehelic Gauge 
  • User-Adjustable Recipes for Spray, Flash, Cure 1, Cure 2, and Cool Time
  • Approved Combustion Components Provide for a Safe Working Environment
  • 2″ Cleanable Intake Filters 

Optional Features:

  • Manual Balance Adjustments 
  • Prep Mode 
  • Recirculation

CT Heat & Cure Product Selection Guide

Available for both indoor and outdoor applications, the CT air makeup units can be set up for vertical or horizontal configurations. Multiple discharge locations are available to help in the arrangement of custom layouts and critical dimensions

Lead time for most  spray equipment and powder coating parts is less than 7 days.