Spray Booth Equipment When it comes to spray booth equipment, RBF Machine Services carries everything you need to customize your spray booth applications. From mixing systems to high-efficiency electrostatic guns, we offer only the best in spray booth processes.

Spray Booth Pumps

Our mechanical CATalyzer spray booth pump is designed for 2k spray booth applications to create the perfect mixture of paint and solvent. It’s easy to use and saves you time on clean-up and preparation.

Mixing Systems

Our WAGNER TwinControl piece of spray booth equipment is an electronic mixing system for 2k applications. It’s easy to install, user-friendly, and reliable. You can also choose your own delivery rate and operating pressure.

We also have WAGNER FlexControl mixing and dosing systems to suit a range of 3k spray booth applications. You’ll get high accuracy, simple handling, and a reliable performance.

Automatic Painting Equipment

With our WAGNER Intellimix 4 spray booth equipment, you can complete complex automatic painting processes. With a recipe memory for up to 25 colors, touch screen controls, and simple handling, you can have your own customized applications.

Feed Pumps & Pressure Tanks

We carry WAGNER EvoMotion feed pumps that have a high-efficiency air motor to provide robust, durable, reliable, and low-maintenance results. We also carry a double diaphragm Cobra pump designed to reduce solvent consumption and material waste.

Our WAGNER Unica 4-270 pressure tank generates no friction and boasts superior power and high performance for an excellent finishing.

Electrostatic Guns

Our WAGNER electrostatic guns are perfect for both manual and automatic application. Their electrostatic atomization processes are of a higher quality than conventional application techniques and they produce less environmental pollution.