Flex Control

When it comes to mixing and dosing systems, RBF Machine Services offers the most reliable and accurate spray booth equipment from WAGNER. With the environmentally friendly FlexControl, FlexControl Plus, and FlexControl Plus XL units, you can create the perfect finish for any spray booth application.

Simple and Accurate

FlexControl spray booth equipment units all feature simple handling operations and displays, including mixing ratio, filling quantities, flushing quantities, and processing time. Their easy operation is due to the only three three buttons (Start, Stop, and Flush) that you need for manual operation. All other operations are handled by an automatic PLC controller. Each FlexControl unit also lets you make fast color changes and reduces your consumption of flushing fluid and materials.

When it comes to accuracy, each FlexControl unit features a mixing process monitor that ensures a proper mixing. If the paint ratio is inaccurate, the spray booth equipment will stop functioning and produce an error message so you won’t experience over- or under-mixed material, so you can rely on a quality paint application every time you use it.


WAGNER’s FlexControl mixing and dosing systems can work with paints and adhesives that are either water-based or solvent-based and can work with air atomization, AirCoat, electrostatic, and airless applications. WAGNER also offers two different pistol pump series for the FlexControl systems. Both the IceBreaker and the EvoMotion series offer low maintenance costs and a long service life while giving you a low pulsation flow. WAGNER also offers an array of diaphragm pumps that are known for their reliability and are offered in low, medium, and high pressure ranges.

If you’re interested in any of the WAGNER FlexControl mixing and dosing systems, contact the experts at RBF Machine Services. We can help you decide which piece of spray booth equipment is right for your operations.