2K Comfort

This electronic high-tech system, with separate control and fluid cabinets, is ideal for complex automatic painting processes in spray booths and is configured to customer requirements.

Mixing, controlling and applying:

Thanks to its powerful electronics, the 2K Comfort can also be used to control higher level functions.

A wide variety of different automatic applications, parts sensing, reciprocators, etc., can be individually programmed via digital interfaces (Profibus, Ethernet).

Very High Accuracy

  • Siemens PLC controller
  • Recipe memory for up to 25
    colors and 25 hardeners commonly used in spray booths
  • Individually programmable
    flushing programs
  • Gear flow meters or stroke
    sensors available for dosing precise quantities
  • Continuous combination of A and
    B components

Very Simple Handling

  • Mixing and dosing process plus
    higher-level controls for automatic applications, parts sensing, etc., in
    a compact installation
  • 5.7″ color LCD display, touch
    screen with optimal user guidance and visualization of the equipment
  • Separate control and fluid


  • Up to 5 independent 2K circuits
  • Profibus, Ethernet interface
  • Robot communication
  • Actual/target comparison for
    quantity monitoring
  • VOC recording
  • And other options


  • Solvent-based and water-based
  • PUR/Epoxy 2K and 3K paints
  • 2K adhesives
  • Special paints such as Hydro
    Soft paints used in spray booths

Automatic Applications

  • SupraCoat
  • Air atomization
  • Electrostatics
  • Evobell


The type of application and the number of paints, hardeners and solvents being used in spray booths are important parameters in the design of a mixing and dosing system. To keep investment costs as low as possible, WAGNER mixing and dosing systems are modular in build so that additional options can be retro-fitted later on as part of the plant specification. WAGNER has the system best suited to your application.

Take advantage of the expertise offered by our specialists and ask for a consultation.

As a specialist company, operating worldwide, WAGNER offers a full range of equipment and components for industrial spray booth surface finish technology.

  • Feeding
    • High pressure and low pressure
  • Mixing
    • Mixing and dosing equipment
  • Controlling
    • Controller systems designed to
      meet customer-specific requirements
  • Applying
    • From guns of every type right
      up to high-speed rotary atomizers

Reliable performance

WAGNER offers two reliable piston pump series for material feed: the WAGNER IceBreaker and WAGNER EvoMotion. Both series transform energy into perfect performance, generating an optimal paint supply for your spray booths with a low pulsation material flow, coupled with a long service life and low maintenance costs.

Experience in diaphragm technology

In addition to piston pumps, WAGNER offers a broad spectrum of diaphragm pumps in the low, medium and high pressure ranges for your spray booths. WAGNER diaphragm pumps are noted for their high delivery rates and maximum reliability.


The WAGNER gun program optimally combines economical coating with high surface quality. Whether you need manual or automatic guns for the Airless, AirCoat and air atomization processes, with or without electrostatic support or high speed rotary atomizers: You will find the right solution for your spray booth requirements in a broad range of different application areas and media.

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Lead time for most  spray equipment and powder coating parts is less than 7 days.