If you’re trying to complete more complex automatic painting processes, you need spray booth equipment from RBF that features advanced electronics. The Intellimix 4, made by WAGNER, is a high-tech system that can help you complete even the most intricate finishing applications in your open front, enclosed, bench, or large equipment spray booth.


Each Intellimix 4 is constructed to customer specifications and offers high-pressure and low-pressure feed pumps, a variety of spray guns, a customized controller system, and reliable mixing and dosing equipment. Each WAGNER unit is also built modularly so you can retro-fit additional options later on if you want to change the spray booth equipment. This is a special feature by WAGNER that helps keep your investment costs low.

Easy, Reliable Performance

Even though the Intellimix 4 system is for advanced spray booth applications, it is easy to operate. In addition to the mixing and dosing processes, each system has higher level controls for parts sensing, automatic applications and reciprocators that can be digitally and individually programmed. It also features a touch screen display with user guidance and separate cabinets for controls and fluids.

When it comes to performance, there are several features that make the Intellimix 4 very accurate. Its internal memory system is capable of remembering the recipes for up to 25 spray booth colors and 25 spray booth hardeners. It also features high-quality gear pumps for precise dosing, an automatic Siemens PLC controller, and equipment parameter visualization. The system can perform several automatic applications, including electrostatic, air atomization, SupraCoat, and Evobell, and is compatible with solvent-based and water-based materials, adhesives, and special paints.

If you’re looking for the most advanced spray booth equipment, you can trust RBF Machine Services. We’re happy to help you find the perfect system for your spray booth applications. Contact us today for more information.