Spec Sheet: Feed Pumps & Pressure Tanks

Evolution in Motion

EvoMotion pumps by WAGNER are an attractive spray booth product line used to feed a wide variety of solvent – and water-borne coatings. The fluid sections are manufactured from sturdy stainless steel. For this reason, EvoMotion pumps are perfect for spray booths – extremely robust, durable, reliable and low-maintenance. The EvoMotion high-efficiency air motor creates smooth working conditions to ensure the best possible spray booth finishing results.

  1. High efficiency
    EvoMotion air-motors have excellent staying power and are very efficient in converting air pressure into extremely consistent material flow for superior coating results in your spray booths.
  2. Low Operating Cost
    Fluid sections are constructed entirely of stainless steel. Self-adjusting packing and thick hard chrome plated moving parts reduce wear to a minimum. The motor is practically maintenance-free and does not require regular lubrication.
  3. High Flexibility
    All units can be used for AirCoat as well as for Airless applications. Accessories for any application needs are easily attached due to the modular nature of the unit.
  4. APT
    The Anti Pulsation Technology is the combination of a low friction, stall-free steering valve and the anti-pulsation-tank in order to guarantee smoothest spraying conditions in your spray booth, even with difficult materials.
  5. High Flexibility
    All units can be used for AirCoat as well as for Airless applications. Accessories for any application needs are easily attached due to the modular nature of the unit.
  6. Clean Operation
    The easily accessible separating agent cup to keep the piston clean even with reactive materials.

Great Benefits:

Cobra® is an exclusive high pressure double diaphragm pump suitable for Airless and AirCoat applications up to 250 bar. Cobra® is the first high pressure pneumatic pump without packing. The lack of contact between the material and the external atmosphere (the pump is completely sealed), the absence of friction in the fluid section and the minimum shear make it perfect for any kind of spray booth material, including the most critical ones such as reactive paints (UV paints, isocyanates, acrylics) or highly abrasive materials.

The pump works with extremely low pulsation and creates a uniform paint flow, achieving a perfect spray pattern and superb surface quality. With its minimized internal volumes, the pump is designed to greatly reduce solvent consumption and material waste during flushing and color-change operations.

Revolutionary working principle

An IceBreaker® pneumatic motor pressurizes the hydraulic section with a ratio of 40:1. The oil contained in it, transmits the pressure to the pumped fluid through the two diaphragms. While one diaphragm creates a suction, the other delivers the material. Special inlet valves and the sturdy diaphragm construction allow high frequency spray booth operation. While this would be problematic for the fluid section of a standard piston or bellows pump, it is readily mastered by the Cobra® high speed. A high delivery rate is therefore achievable with a very small pump volume.

Exceptional Attributes

Outstanding durability, very high reliability and unique features make the IceBreaker® the optimal choice for almost any high pressure spray booth application. High efficiency air motors ensure smooth operation and impeccable coating results. The wide pump range enables the unit to successfully meet the needs of small workshops that coat window frames or wood cabinets, as well as those of big industries that produce industrial vehicles or huge wind energy towers. They are ideal for applying water – and solvent-borne paints in your spray booths.

  1. Reliable
    The unique internal design of the motor and its special discharge valves drastically reduce ice formation and prevent accumulation to ensure superior performance and exceptional reliability.
  2. Under Full Pressure
    The packing-free, anti-stalling pilot valve is always fed by full air pressure, regardless of the adjusted working pressure, to guarantee high speed inversions and optimal performance.
  3. Safe Operation
    The pressure regulator is integrated with a safety air valve to ensure, when it is closed, that no pressure is left in the air motor.
  4. Service-Friendly
    The release agent cup is easily accessible. The quick-release coupling between the piston rod and air motor makes it possible to quickly and easily disconnect the fluid section.
  5. Filtration and Recirculation
    The large easy-to-clean material filter combined with the recirculation valve creates maximum performance in cleaning and flushing.
  6. Performance and Durability
    Self-adjusting packings and a thick hard chrome plated stainless steel fluid section ensures durability regardless of the material used in your spray booth.
  7. Easy and Long-Lasting
    The large ball valve with hard metal seats ensures a strong suction power and an extremely long-working spray booth life. Easily opened for cleaning without disassembling the fluid section. The suction hose moves freely on a swivel joint.

WAGNER Unica 4-270

The WAGNER Unica 4-270, with a 4.5:1 pressure ratio and a maximum working pressure of 27 bar, is setting new standards in the global market for double diaphragm pumps.

Diaphragm technology is an effective alternative to piston pumps when applying or circulating abrasive spray booth products or reactive materials (i.e. UV, acrylics), and is ideal for materials sensitive to shearing or moisture.

In fact, Unica generates no friction and the pump is completely sealed so that the fluid never comes into contact with the external atmosphere.

Exclusive Technology

The Unica has been designed for performance and reliability. Its exceptional power allows UNICA to reach and maintain the highest working pressure level in its segment in any spray booth.

Furthermore, WAGNER engineers developed an exclusive and patented hydraulic circuit that ensures minimum deformation of and stress on the diaphragms. This technology, combined with the special diaphragm concept, ensures an extremely long diaphragm life, even when working under severe conditions.

Convincing Benefits

  • Superior Power
    • 50% higher working pressure than other pneumatic double diaphragm pumps available on the market.
  • Higher Performance
    • Reduced pressure drops along the stroke enable the pump to obtain a more stable material flow and a higher useful working pressure.
  • High Reliability
    • A special air-motor design, no friction inside the pump, and long-life diaphragms keep maintenance costs low and minimize plant downtime risks.
  • Excellent Finishing
    • Low pulsation output allows high quality finishing and a constant spray pattern.
  • Sturdy Construction
    • The technical solution and mechanical components were specifically developed to satisfy the highest quality of spray booth standards.
  • Low Shear Effect
    • The pumping mechanism with minimal material degradation makes Unica ideal for feeding circulating paint lines.

Lead time for most  spray equipment and powder coating parts is less than 7 days.