Feed Pumps & Pressure Tanks

RBF Machine Services offers a wide range of spray booth equipment that can help you complete your woodworking, industrial, automotive, metal, or any other type of spray booth applications. If you’re looking for feed pumps and pressure tanks that give you great finishing results, you can trust the spray booth equipment by WAGNER. The company’s EvoMotion pumps, Cobra pumps, and Unica 4-270 pumps are all beneficial for spray booth owners.

High Efficiency, Low Operating Cost

WAGNER’s spray booth equipment lines are popular because of their high efficiency but low operating cost. EvoMotion piston pumps are perfect for converting air pressure into steady material flow to give you a consistent paint finish. They feature Anti-Pulsation Technology that guarantees smooth spraying conditions and they are also constructed of stainless steel with hard chrome-plated parts that won’t wear down.

With the Cobra high-pressure double diaphragm pump, you can complete AirCoat and Airless applications that are uniform and smooth. This design features high-pressure pneumatic pumps that are completely sealed, reducing the fluid section friction and minimizing shear. The Cobra also reduces your material and solvent consumption and material waste production during flushing.

WAGNER’s Unica 4-270 features a diaphragm technology that is good for circulating reactive materials and abrasive spray booth products. It’s also good for moisture-sensitive and shearing-sensitive materials. The Unica features 50% higher pressure than other diaphragm pumps, yet a low pulsation to give you a smooth finish. The life-long diaphragms and air motor design also help reduce your maintenance costs.

WAGNER Durability

With WAGNER spray booth equipment, you can enjoy long-lasting, durable parts that are designed to be the best in feed pumps and pressure tanks. Each piece of equipment is made from quality materials that are built to last. If you’re interested in our WAGNER spray booth equipment, contact the experts at RBF Machine Services today.

Lead time for most  spray equipment and powder coating parts is less than 7 days.