Spec Sheet: 2k Smart

  • Very simple handling
  • High process reliability
  • Universal application

Mixing and dosing systems: intelligent and innovative!

In spray booths, the demands for mixing accuracy, process reliability, surface quality, fast effective color changes, a reduction in material consumption, etc., in relation to multi-component coatings have increased enormously in the last few years.

2K Smart plus XL

2K Smart plus

2K Smart

With these mixing and dosing units, WAGNER offers a powerful family of products that ideally suits the widest range of industrial spray booth applications.

The constantly increasing quality demands in the spray booth industry, pressure on prices and from the competition and stricter environmental regulations also have an impact on equipment technology.

  • New materials
    • Materials such as high solids paints and water-based paints are being used to an increasing extent.
  • Maximum process reliability
    • WAGNER mixing and dosing equipment guarantees a high level of mixing accuracy and thus a perfect surface finish for spray booth projects.
  • Economical and environmentally friendly
    • The reduction in the consumption of material and flushing fluid, plus fast effective recipe changes and cleaning, reduce the costs and achieve a rapid amortization of the investment.
  • Maximum convenience
    • Depending on the type of plant, WAGNER offers a wide variety of technical features – from touch screen operation right up to connecting with the primary operating data recording systems.

2K Smart: The perfect introduction

2K Smart offers an impressive price-performance ratio and, as an alternative to mechanical equipment, is an ideal entry-level system for the automation of spray booth mixing and dosing processes. The menu guidance makes the electronic control unit extremely easy and convenient to handle. The volume flow measurement guarantees a very high mixing accuracy.

Very High Accuracy:

  • Siemens PLC controller
  • Special mixing technology for the homogeneous mixing of base components and hardeners
  • Monitoring of the mixing process
  • Stop function with error message when the tolerance limits are exceeded

Very Simple Handling:

  • Two line entry and memory display for mixing ratio, processing time, filling and flushing quantities
  • Only three buttons for Start, Stop and Flush. Everything else is handled by the automatic controller.
  • Rapid, simple color changes


  • Processing of 3K materials
  • Remote control for spray booths (intrinsically safe design)
  • Reduction in the amount of flushing fluid due to special air/solvent flushing
  • Separation of control and fluid cabinets
  • And other options


  • Solvent-based 2K and 3K paints and adhesives
  • Water-based 2K and 3K paints and adhesives

Manual Applications:

  • Air atomization
  • AirCoat
  • Airless
  • Electrostatics

Reliable Performance

WAGNER offers two reliable piston pump series for material feed: the WAGNER IceBreaker and WAGNER EvoMotion. Both series transform energy into perfect performance, generating an optimal paint booth paint supply with a low pulsation material flow, coupled with a long service life and low maintenance costs.

Experience in diaphragm technology

In addition to piston pumps, WAGNER offers a broad spectrum of diaphragm pumps in the low, medium and high pressure ranges. WAGNER diaphragm pumps are noted for their high delivery rates and maximum reliability in spray booths.


The WAGNER gun program optimally combines economical coating with high surface quality. Whether you need manual or automatic guns for the Airless, AirCoat and air atomization processes, with or without electrostatic support or high speed rotary atomizers: You will find the right solution for your spray booth requirements in a broad range of different application areas and media.

Additional information can be found in the complete WAGNER catalog.

Lead time for most  spray equipment and powder coating parts is less than 7 days.